Come and be a part of Solar Revolution

What is Solar Rooftop?

Solar energy is one of the best and most reliable renewable sources available today. We make the right use of it by channelizing this energy into solar rooftop systems to create a better environment for living. This set up works by installing solar panels on the rooftops of residential and commercial buildings in the right orientation. It produces eco-friendly form of energy and fulfils the electricity consumption needs of the consumer.

How Rooftop Solar Works?

With abundance of sunlight coming on the rooftops of the buildings, India is becoming a leading adopter of Solar Rooftop System. The idea works by using panels for solar rooftop installation on the buildings to capture the sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. This produces electricity in the cleanest form which is eco-friendly and free from harming the environment.

The solar rooftop system works efficiently when the availability of space and sunlight is determined properly. Our experts analyse the orientation of the rooftop and its exposure to ensure the adjacent high-rise buildings do not encumber the exposure of sunlight. As a leading rooftop solar installation company in India, we put deliberate efforts in planning and installing solar rooftop system that leads to unlimited energy generation.

Why Sri Kalka Solar as your Rooftop Solutions provider?

Choosing us as rooftop solar installation company for your premises serves various benefits:
Promises environmental sustainability by using a cleaner source of energy
Cuts huge cost on electricity bills
Negligible chances of health hazards and disasters
Low operating and maintenance cost on the system
Easy installation with continuous monitoring and support
Appropriate use of rooftop space to give back to nature
Minimizes the effect of global warming
Increases resale value of the property


Financially sensible

The price of conventional electricity is snowballing. Almost every year, there is a surge in the price of electricity bill. With solar rooftop installation in home or office, the expenses become next to zero as compared to monthly utility bills. While India is standing at the nib of utilising solar power, Shri Kalka Solar Power presents sustainable alternatives to utilize the idle rooftop spaces at home and commercial buildings. This leaves a positive impact on the environment while ensuring a huge return on investment by reducing electricity bills. Deploying solar rooftop system reflects financial sensibilities and sentiments for the environment at the time of global warming.

Environmentally sustainable

In order to fulfil the limitless energy needs, we are using non- renewable energy resources at a faster pace than it can be replenished. We understand the significance of entering into an era where power can be generated by adopting eco-friendly means. We have served an extensive network of consumers including large scale businesses, organizations and institutions who can make decent capital investment by installing solar rooftop system and take a step towards saving the environment. Since solar energy is renewable, consumers can adopt solar rooftop installation to produce green energy and make the environment sustainable for the future generation.

Carbon Footprints Reduction

Solar energy is considered as the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the conventional way of generating electricity, fossil fuels are burned that further results in the release of greenhouse emissions and climate change. However, solar rooftop installation creates clean and renewable power that dramatically decreases greenhouse gas emissions and combats climate change. It is considered as an ultimate alternative to reduce carbon footprints and leaving a measurable impact on the atmosphere. Furthermore, it poses fewer risks of pollution in the air and imbibes the spirit of environment conservation.

Ease in Financing

Deploying solar rooftop systems at home or office buildings requires substantial capital investment. Shri Kalka Solar Power makes it easy for you to decide even in the heavy financial implications by offering customised options for financing solar rooftop installation. Apart from this, the solar rooftop systems require less maintenance cost that they can service for an optimum period of 20 years, if maintained properly. Moreover, to encourage customers to adopt solar energy, the government offers attractive subsidies to the installer for residential and commercial purpose.