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Shri Kalka Solar Power is one of the leading and most trusted solar installation company in Delhi. With an aim to offset the energy costs, we provide a host of customised solar panel installation solutions for residential, commercial, rural, education institutes and hospitals. We started with an idea to promote and deliver green energy solutions. Our end to end solar panel installation alternatives cater to large power consumers in the industry.

We have an expert team working in our state-of-the-art facility situated in New Delhi, India. They are proficient with providing comprehensive analysis of energy utilization and proposing the suitable implementation of energy management solutions. Our solar power systems are installed in the most effective way that boosts natural energy conservation and are monitored and maintained remotely for a span of lifetime.

Solutions we provide!!

Solar EPC stands for ‘Engineering, Procurement and Construction’ of solar power systems. Shri Kalka Solar Power is a renowned supplier of Solar EPC in the industry with unmatched excellence in quality and the most effective after sales monitoring and maintenance. It provides the best Solar EPC solutions in the market with the deep understanding and technical knowledge in the commercial as well as domestic segment. Our utmost precision to deliver fully functioning solar EPC system makes us one of the most preferred solar companies in India.

Solar rooftop panels are one of the most popular and easiest way of implementing solar solutions for residential and commercial buildings. It produces clean and eco-friendly energy while saving a huge cost on electricity bills, lowering carbon footprints and protecting the environment. The solar panels mounted on a rooftop of the building convert solar radiation into electrical energy and generates electricity for consumption. We are expert in delivering the right and customised solutions to promote green energy with excellence in quality and execution. We have best in class warranty and maintenance support to keep going towards a cleaner environment.

Based in Delhi, we have built an extensive network of experts to install powerful solar panels for different market sectors. They are committed to keeping the promise of delivering quality and lifelong energy production through intensive maintenance support. We have a rich experience in installing solar power systems with excellent efficiency and outstanding performance.
  • Residential

    Domestic solar power systems, we have special offering for installation, monitoring and its maintenance.

  • Commercial

    We have specialised team for small and large-scale commercial projects to meet the diverse solar power requirements.

  • Rural

    Our solar power systems for rural area improve their work efficiency and enhance their living.

  • Government

    For government projects, we ensure a smooth and sophisticated execution and maintenance for better flow of energy.

  • School/Institute

    We have unique solar power packages for schools and colleges to meet their specific requirement in promoting green energy.

  • Hospital

    Our experts have technical knowledge of installing powerful solar systems in healthcare organizations.

Why should you invest in Solar Power?

Reduces Electricity Costs

Having a reliable solar power system installed is a one-time investment which is easy on pocket and eliminates electricity cost for lifetime.

Unlimited Source of Energy

Solar energy is limitless and has the capability to meet infinite energy needs of the world. It produces electricity in the most efficient and effective way.

Cleanest form of Energy

Solar energy is the cleanest form of energy and does not release greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere to produce electricity.

Reduces Carbon Footprints

Since solar panels work on sustainable and renewable source of energy, it protects the climate by offering carbon free solutions.

Better Security

Solar power panels lighten the load on power grid which leads to lesser power cuts and no chances of disasters.

Low Operating Cost

Solar panels transform sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic process that doesn’t require fossil fuels and has close to zero operating cost.

Why Choose us!!

We Are Here To Give You The Best Solar System For Your Home & Office

Shri Kalka Solar Power is working to reshape the energy consumption patterns in the domestic and commercial sector.

We provide cost efficient systems to persuade the consumers in joining the marathon of bringing a change in the society. With smart solar power solutions, we build a strong solar industry for a brighter and sustainable future.

  • We significantly contribute to promoting cleaner environment persuading the customers in utilising solar energy and build a sustainable environment for the upcoming generation.
  • Our ambition is to work on accelerating the concept of implementing solar power systems for improved efficiency while conserving renewable sources of energy.
  • We are one of the most trusted and transparent solar power companies in Delhi / NCR that work in an ethical manner by adopting the right work practices.
  • To transform the energy sector, we continue to explore and co-create solutions that can lead to an improved solar power system.
  • We work on a sense of responsibility to create sustainable solutions for the environment by reducing heavy cost on utility bills of the consumer.
Our Testimonials

Incredibly wonderful! Earlier, I was hesitant to get solar panel installed in my office campus. But, after availing services of Kalka Solar, I am happy with my decision.

Ajanta industries

The executives briefed me with benefits of solar panels, I could not resist from getting them installed at home. Thank you for your efficient service.

Standard Security Pvt Ltd

Excellent quality products, supplies and professional solar panel installation were used by Kalka Solar. Thumbs up to your quick and error-free services!

Anuja Industries

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